©Peter Bennett

©Peter Bennett


If you are on a Mac, a very simple and effective solution is to use the Apple Photos App that comes with your system. Using it in conjunction with the iCloud Photos platform ensures you will always have access to all your photos, will not run out of storage space on your mobile devices, and will have them all backed up regularly and maintenance free. Did I mention maintenance free?

But setting it up can be a headache if you are not familiar with how it works, and most importantly, how to set up the proper settings for your computer and mobile devices.

I will try get you set up and running in one 2-3 hour session that involves importing your photos into the Apple Photos app, setting up your iCloud Photo account (if you don’t already have one), installing the proper settings on your computer and mobile devices, and training you in some basics about the program.

Additional sessions may be necessary depending on how many photos you have and the time it takes to locate all your photos on your different devices and computers.

Price is $150 for first 2 hours, $60/hour after two hours.

If your situation is different or you require something more custom, we can discuss your needs and a plan to go forward. I have worked with numerous clients, ranging from small to enormous photo collections and in various states of disorganization and there is always a solution.