How it works

A consultation visit is a way to meet, discuss your situation, find out what you need and then formulate a plan to get you there. It is usually done at your premises so I can see your set-up, take notes and get a clear idea of where your photos are and approximately how many you might have. 

There is a $100 fee for this visit, but no matter what you decide going forward, I will leave you with a lot of information.

There are three options. 

  • You can take what I tell you and try to go it alone. I will leave you with the information I’ve gathered as well as some helpful DIY resources, and will answer whatever questions I can for you. 

  • We can work together. We will form a plan and you will do as much of the work as you feel comfortable doing. I will be there to give you direction and to do whatever work you do not feel able to do yourself. There is an hourly fee for my services or we can work out package rate.

  • I do all the work. I will collect all your images from all your devices and do the organizational work at my office. I will quote you a flat fee for this work. In this case the $100 consultation fee is waived as it is wrapped into the fee I will quote you. 

Use the form below or call me (310-312-6640) to schedule a consultation or to ask me some questions. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and help you start to get some answers.

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