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Organizing, preserving and (most importantly) enjoying your family photo collection

  • Veterans Memorial Building 4117 Overland Avenue, room #C Culver City, CA, 90230 United States (map)
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Photo Organizing Workshop

Life in Focus - Organizing, preserving and (most importantly) enjoying your family photo collection

Last year it was estimated that over one trillion photos were taken. How many photos will you have in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?

We all want to avoid dealing with our big photo mess, but that can put us at risk to lose it all.

Preserving and organizing your photo collection is not something we simply do for the sake of being organized, who has time for that? Preserving your collection is a means to an end, to help bring your life into focus, to explore, enjoy and pass on your family’s history, and to make sure it is safe for years to come.

To do that we need to start learning better and smarter ways to take, edit and value our priceless photographs.

This workshop is designed to help you get started. We will go over some photo organizing basics, talk about available resources and provide some simple steps to help you begin managing and preserving your digital photos, prints and film.

I will be there to answer your questions and to learn more about your situation. I want to help everyone get the information and confidence needed to manage and start enjoying their photos collections again.

I hope you can attend this workshop and begin that process yourself – Peter

What You Will Learn:

Photo organizing

  • Working with digital images - some basics.

  • How to start organizing your collection

  • Photo cataloging software

    • Apple Photos

    • Google Photos

    • Adobe Lightroom


  • Tips for editing

  • Story telling

Scanning and organizing older print collections

  • How to organize and prepare prints for scanning

  • ·Do-it-yourself or send it out?

  • Print scanning demonstration (bring a few prints to scan)

Finding duplicates

  • Duplicate finding software

  • What to keep, what not to keep

How to keep your collection safe

  • Fires, floods and other disasters

  • Local back-up

  • Cloud back-up

Best practices going forward

  • Keep editing - deleting photos of your kids isn’t the same thing as deleting your kids

  • Settings for your iPhone

  • Passing on your family archive

  • Don’t let technology keep you from enjoying your photos

About me

My name is Peter Bennett and I have been working as an professional photographer for almost thirty years for such clients as: McGraw Hill, National Geographic, New York Times, Pearson Publishing, Scholastic, Sierra Magazine, Sunset Magazine and Time Life Publications. I started my own photo agency in 1998, Ambient Images, which represented over 30 photographers and where I learned how to manage, edit and distribute large collections of digital imagery.

I have also been a photography instructor at the Los Angeles Center of Photography since 2009.

In 2015, I decided to take my skills where it was really needed, and started Fotoflow Solutions to help people and families manage their personal photo collections. I work primarily with clients to help them organize their large digital photo libraries as well as scanning and preserving their older family photo archives.