Pricing Summary - See details below

Scanning: Negatives - See price list

Other scanning services:
- Retouching/Restoration – minor -  $5.00
- Retouching/Restoration – major - starts at $25.00
- Slide scanning – Call for more information
- Home movie and video conversion – Call for more information
- Custom work - includes cropping borders, removing prints from albums, frames, entering or changing dates and/or meta data, color restoration - $75/hour

Photo Organizing - Call or schedule a consultation - see below

Training/Tutoring - Call for hourly or package rates
- Photography lessons
- Adobe Lightroom/Apple Photos training
- Photo organizing

Scanning: Prints @ 600dpi
- Basic print scanning – 35¢ per scan - up to 5” x 7”
- Basic print scanning – 50¢ per scan - over 5” x 7”
- Fragile or brittle prints or over 8” x 10” - $2.00
- Scans from albums - $1.00 per print



Offering a set price for photo organizing is difficult because everyone's situation is different. it is not only based on the number of images and your set up, but most importantly what it is you want to accomplish.

It starts with a conversation and then a consultation.

Conversation: Give me a call, tell me about your concerns and what you would like to accomplish. Free.

Consultation: A consultation visit is a way to meet, discuss your situation, find out what you need and then formulate a plan to get you there. It is usually done at your premises so I can see your set-up, take notes and get a clear idea of where your photos are and approximately how many you might have.

There is a $100 fee, but depending on what you decide it may be waived. More info here.

Digital Collections: Digital photo collections can get very out of hand, very quickly. Commonly photos are scattered in many places and devices which can put them at serious risk for loss. It is also not unusual to see many duplicates in a collection, sometimes 2 or 3 or more of the same photo, this adds up and takes up valuable storage space. There are some basic fixes and steps I take to restore a digital photo collection, removing duplicates and ensuring you have a safe back up and storage plan is part of that, but there is more to it. For more details, read more here...

Print Collections: Prints often get stored in boxes, sometime into their original envelopes, sometimes not. We often place our favorite prints in photo albums, which can actually put them at a greater risk for damage, yellowing and brittleness. I highly recommend scanning and digitizing older prints for safe keeping, you can view my scanning services and prices listed below.

If you need help with editing or organizing your prints, either in general or for a specific project such as albums, slideshows or a special event, please give me a call and we will discuss it. I can often provide you with different ideas and options to help you preserve and enjoy these valuable pieces of your family history

Need a Helping Hand? Not all jobs are complicated, sometimes you may just need some help getting your photo collection in order, or want to get some training on how to manage things going forward. We can work together to accomplish whatever it is you may need, whether it is learning how to keep your photo collection manageable or how to better use some popular photo apps (see training section below).


Call for hourly rate

Whether you are an amateur, a hobbyist, a semi-professional or a pro, I can help you learn what you need to learn regarding photography and digital imaging or just keeping your family photos in order.

I am an expert in Apple Photos and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and can teach you how to use them effectively for your needs.

Apple Photos (used to be iPhoto) is not the most intuitive app, and that confusion can often prevent people from using it effectively and can send your collection into disarray. When set up correctly, it is actually a good system and can pretty much run on itself.


Let me help you take the mystery out of the the Apple Photos app. In a 90-minute session I can teach you some basics that will help you navigate it with confidence, and most importantly show you the settings on your computer and phone that will give you a maintenance free photo library going forward. $99 for 90 minutes. Find out more here.

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop is a popular choice for photo hobbyists and professionals alike. I have been using them both since their inception and can guide you through basics and more advanced usage, along with teaching you workflow and some best practices going forward. More info here.

Photography: I teach basic and advanced photography classes at the Los Angeles Center of Photography. If you would like private photography lessons, please call and let me know what you are interested in. Here are samples of my work.

You can also sign up for one of my classes at LACP


Basic print scanning – 35¢ per scan (up to 8” x 10”) – Give me your stack of prints and I will scan them and give you back a set of high quality Jpegs.

600 dpi scanning resolution


Mobile scanning service: I have a mobile scanning service and can scan your prints or negatives at your location. No extra charge but there is a $100 minimum.

You can also drop off your prints and I will do the scanning at my location. I am located in Culver City. No minimum.

Out of town, no problem. Ship your prints and I will scan them, organize them and ship them back to you organized in archival boxes.

Other Fees
$2.00 per image for fragile or brittle prints or prints over 8” x 10”
$1.00 per print for album pages, scanned from album.

Custom work - includes cropping borders, removing prints from albums, frames, entering or changing dates and/or meta data, color restoration - $75/hour

$5.00 for minor color restoration, or retouching a few minor scratches or blemishes (up to 8.5” x 11”)
$25 and up for extensive re-touching, color restoration, image reconstruction or photos larger than 8.5”x11”

Negative scanning - See price list

Slide scanning
Services are available, please contact me for more information

Home movie and Video conversion
Services are available, please contact me for more information