©Peter Bennett

©Peter Bennett

I am in the solution business, so it is very important that I understand what it is you need, and what it is you want to accomplish. I have found that not everybody’s situation is the same, so once we talk about these things, I can begin to offer you some solutions and suggestions for the best way to accomplish your goals.

Everybody comes to me thinking his or her situation is worse than everyone else’s. I assure you that it is not the case. I am out to organize America’s photos one collection at a time. So relax, take a deep breath, give me a call and let’s figure out how to help you get back to enjoying your photos and not worrying about them.

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Photo Organizing - Call for estimate
Training - $75/ 1st hour, $60/hour after
Basic print scanning – 35¢ per scan
Print scanning with organizing - 60¢ per image
Retouching/Restoration - starts at $5.00


Rates for photo organizing. Call for estimate

Apple Photos - If you are on a Mac, a very simple and effective solution is to use the Apple Photos App that comes with your system. Using it in conjunction with the iCloud Photos platform ensures you will always have access to all your photos, will not run out of storage space on your mobile devices, and will have them all backed up regularly and maintenance free. Did I mention maintenance free?

But setting it up can be a headache if you are not familiar with how it works, and most importantly, how to set up the proper settings for your computer and mobile devices.

I will try get you set up and running in one 2-3 hour session that involves importing your photos into the Apple Photos app, setting up your iCloud Photo account (if you don’t already have one), installing the proper settings on your computer and mobile devices, and training you in some basics about the program.

Additional sessions may be necessary depending on how many photos you have and the time it takes to locate all your photos on your different devices and computers.

Organizing a photo collection can include: collecting all your images, organizing your images into folders, removing duplicates, renaming image files, importing them into a photo cataloging software program, adding keyword tags, setting up a back up program (cloud or hard drive) to ensure safety, and creating maintenance plan for going forward.

If you are on a Mac, I would urge you to consider the Apple Photos set-up service I outline above. If your situation is different or you require something more custom, we can discuss your needs and a plan to go forward. I have worked with numerous clients, ranging from small to enormous photo collections and in various states of disorganization and there is always a solution.


$75/ 1st hour, $60/hour after. Whether you are an amateur, a hobbyist, a semi-professional or a pro, I can help you learn what you need to learn regarding photography and digital imaging or just keeping your family photos in order.

I am an expert in Apple Photos and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and can teach you how to use it effectively for your needs. Let me take the mystery and confusion out of these valuable and popular imaging programs.

I teach basic and advanced photography classes at the Los Angeles Center of Photography. If you would like private tutoring, or to sign up for one of my classes at LACP, give me a call.


Basic print scanning – 35¢ per scan (up to 8.5” x 11”) – Give me your stack of prints and I will scan them and give you back a set of high quality Jpegs. If you have a small collection or just a few stacks of images that need to be scanned, the Basic Print Scanning service might work best. 

600 dpi scanning resolution
Cropping of prints with borders

Print scanning with organizing - 60¢ per image – (up to 8.5” x 11”) – Need help with your print collection? Don’t know where to start? Let me put my organizing skills to work preparing, scanning and creating an organized file structure for both your digital and print archives. Your prints will be returned to you completely organized and placed in one of our beautiful archival boxes (you may supply your own boxes).

This is a good choice for larger collections as it ensures both your print and scanned digital collection stay organized

600 dpi scanning resolution
Cropping of prints with borders
Digital images and prints returned to you organized as per your specifications (year, events, trips, etc…)
Digital images will be placed in chronological file folders named after year, event, trip, etc, specification.
Prints will be returned in archival protective boxes*, mirroring the organization of digital images.
Minor color restoration and spot removal

*price of boxes not included (you may supply your own boxes). View our selection here

Mobile scanning service: I have a mobile scanning service and can scan your prints at your location. No extra charge but there is a $100 minimum.

You can also drop off your prints and I will do the scanning at my location. I am located in Culver City. No minimum.

Out of town, no problem. Ship your prints and I will scan them, organize them and ship them back to you organized in archival boxes.

Other Fees
$2.00 per image for fragile or brittle photos or over 8” x 10”
$1.00 per image for album pages, scanned from album.
Additional image tagging, captioning, editing or any other custom work, will be billed at $60/hour

$5.00 for minor color restoration, or retouching a few minor scratches or blemishes (up to 8.5” x 11”)
$25 and up for extensive re-touching, color restoration, image reconstruction or photos larger than 8.5”x11”

Slide and negative scanning
Services are available, please contact me for more information

Home movie and Video conversion
Services are available, please contact me for more information

Photo albums are a great way to preserve your photographic images and share your memories for years to come. Photo albums have come a long way in recent years, beautiful state of the art digital photo albums can be printed and designed to your specifications.

I can help you edit, scan and restore images for these albums. I personally do not create or design the actual albums, but I do work closely with associates who do. Please contact me for more info.

We do have access to some wonderful archival products and the list is becoming longer as more manufacturers are becoming aware of how important these products are. I will list some in the future, but for now please contact me for more information about products and prices.