Also included, get up to 1000 of your scans uploaded online so your family and friends
can view and download them, a savings of over 25%.

Call or contact me today and let's set up a time. You can either drop off your prints or take advantage of my In-home scanning service, its free!

310-312-6640 or peter@fotoflowsolutions.com

Here's the small print -
All prints have to be loose and not in an album, although feel free to take them out of the album yourself.
Prints can be no larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches and cannot be brittle, tearing or fragile
In-Home scanning is free but there is a $100 minimum order and certain distances may be too far away.

All borders will be removed.
Scans will be done at 600 dpi, the quality is excellent.
I will remove some major dust spots, but retouching and/or restoration is extra.

See below for more information

Print Scanning
Do you have prints that need to be scanned?

I have seen how fast older prints can start to fade or yellow, and there is always a risk of loss or damage. Waiting is not a good option.

Scanning and digitizing older prints is the only way to preserve these priceless family memories so you can enjoy them for years to come and pass them on to others.

My state of the art Kodak PS50 batch print scanner provides high quality scans in seconds. And because of its light weight and portability, I can even do it at your home or premises so there is never any risk of loss or damage.

Best of all, I can offer a price for as little as 35¢ per scan. January sale is 29¢ per scan

Basic print scanning – 35¢ per scan January sale is 29¢ per scan
(up to 8.5” x 11”) – Give me your stack of prints and I will scan them and give you back a set of high quality Jpegs. If you have a small collection or just a few stacks of images that need to be scanned, the Basic Print Scanning service might work best. 

600 dpi scanning resolution
Cropping of prints with borders

Print scanning with organizing - 60¢ per image – (up to 8.5” x 11”) – Need help with your print collection? Don’t know where to start? Let me put my organizing skills to work preparing, scanning and creating an organized file structure for both your digital and print archives. Your prints will be returned to you completely organized and placed in one of our beautiful archival boxes (you may supply your own boxes).

This is a good choice for larger collections as it ensures both your print and scanned digital collection stay organized

600 dpi scanning resolution
Cropping of prints with borders
Digital images and prints returned to you organized as per your specifications (year, events, trips, etc…)
Digital images will be placed in chronological file folders named after year, event, trip, etc, specification.
Prints will be returned in archival protective boxes*, mirroring the organization of digital images.
Minor color restoration and spot removal

*price of boxes not included (you may supply your own boxes). View our selection here

In-home scanning service: I have a mobile scanning service and can scan your prints at your location. No extra charge but there is a $100 minimum.

You can also drop off your prints and I will do the scanning at my location. I am located in Culver City. No minimum.

Out of town, no problem. Ship your prints and I will scan them, organize them and ship them back to you organized in archival boxes.

Post your images online: Want to share your newly scanning photos with family and friends? I can upload your scans to a website where they can be easily viewed and downloaded. Only 5¢ per image.

Other Fees
$2.00 per image for fragile or brittle photos or over 8” x 10”
$1.00 per image for album pages, scanned from album.
Additional image tagging, captioning, editing or any other custom work, will be billed at $60/hour

$5.00 for minor color restoration, or retouching a few minor scratches or blemishes (up to 8.5” x 11”)
$25 and up for extensive re-touching, color restoration, image reconstruction or photos larger than 8.5”x11”

Slide and negative scanning
Services are available, please contact me for more information

Home movie and Video conversion
Services are available, please contact me for more information