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Become the editor of your own life story

Why Organize?

Preserving and organizing your photo collection is not something you simply do for the sake of being organized, who has time for that? Preserving your collection is a means to an end, to help bring your life into focus, to explore, enjoy and pass on your family’s history, and to make sure it is safe for years to come. I believe we need to become the editors of our own life story, it is something only we are uniquely qualified to do. I have done this with my own family photos and found it to be both enjoyable and richly rewarding. Give me call and ask me how I might be able to help you with yours - Peter Bennett


So Where Do I Start?

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…and take a look at my testimonial page and see what some of my past clients have to say.

Peter saved me and my photo mess! He took 40 years of photos and put them all into one place for me. He is knowledgeable and meticulous in his work. He offers as much or as little help as one needs and is supportive along the way. Peter works quickly too, doing excellent work every step of the way. I would (and have!) recommended Peter’s services to anyone who is looking to organize their memories for years to come.
— Sondra L, Culver City

Photo Organizing

Are you just one hard drive crash or disaster away from losing all your precious family photos? There are simple solutions, it doesn’t have to be complicated. I can help you get your digital and print photo collections organized and protected so you can find the photos you want and enjoy them, not worry about them.  Find out more…

Peter helped diagnosis the problem with my current workflow and developed and short term and longer term solution in advance of a trip. His approach was simple and his style of teaching very understated and helpful.
— Maureen F, Los Angeles

Scanning and Preservation

Some things don't get better with age! Scanning and digitizing older prints, slides and home movies is the only way to preserve these priceless, one of a kind, family memories so you can enjoy them for years to come, and pass them down to others. View my affordable rates and learn about my mobile scanning service. Find out more...

It’s been very exciting to me that, after all the organizing and scanning that Peter did, I can easily go back in time over 50 plus years and find the perfect photo when I need it. No more searching through albums stored in hard to reach boxes. Peter was and is easy to work with and I see other projects taking place in the future. A happy repeat customer!
— Beth P, Pacific Palisades


Want to learn or get help with Lightroom or AppIe Photos?  Do you want to take better pictures or get more out of your digital camera? I’ve been teaching photography and managing photo collections for many years, I am always looking for the latest tips, techniques and resources to help you take better photos, as well as simple systems and tools to keep your photo collections organized. Let me do the hard work and sort it all out for you. Find out more…

Peter was great! He offered a competitive price, and was very communicative and easy to work with. We found him very personable, and he worked quickly to get our photos scanned for the wedding. A real professional, highly recommended!!!
— Carrie B, Venice