No one likes or wants to deal with organizing and editing large collections of images, we love taking lots of photos, but then editing them and organizing them can be a real pain. Failure to do so however risks the loss of important images and can make your workflow a real nightmare.

We used to have a saying - the best Workflow was the most efficient way to get from shutter release to paycheck. But whatever your end result, a good workflow in Lightroom is essential to your success and enjoyment.

Lightroom is in my opinion, the best image-cataloging program available. Adobe has made it a great and inexpensive option to organize and maintain your visual library, and Lightroom’s powerful editing tools can take your photos to the next level.

Learn this and more

  • Setting up and organizing your collection in Lightroom’s library

  • Using Lightroom’s Flag, Star ratings and other Library filters to transform the way you work

  • Set up a workflow that works for you

  • Understanding the Develop Module and its powerful color editing tools

  • Work seamlessly with Photoshop and avoid all those extra duplicate files

I’ve been working with Lightroom since it was first released. I used it for my own work as well as the photo agency I ran, representing thousands of images from other photographers and distributing them to clients and agents worldwide. Lightroom was the most essential tool I had and it continues to be to this day.

I’ve been teaching and training for over twenty years, the last ten at the Los Angeles Center of Photography. I love teaching and I love helping people get over the technical hurdles that have been holding them back from really enjoy and shining with their work.

Let me show you how to use this great and amazing tool, and help you take your work to the next level.

My hourly rate is $70/hour. Some travel distances may require a 2 hour minimum, but remote training is available and can be a great option.

My history:
Using Adobe Lightroom (since version 1.0)
Using Adobe Photoshop (since version 2.0)
Professional photo organizer since 2014 (member of APPO - Association of Professional Photo Organizers).
Photo instructor at LACP (Los Angeles Center of Photography) since 2008

Here’s a short video with some helpful tips on Lightroom keyboard commands