What do you want to learn?

Learning a new software program like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or Apple Photos can be a big commitment and take up a lot of our time, something we are all being challenged by these days. Trying to understand how to use some of the digital cameras currently on the market can be very intimidating let alone trying to learn some of the basic photographic techniques and principals.

Taking a class can be great, and I have been teaching them at the Los Angeles Center of Photography for over ten years, but if you want to focus on some specific things or simply don’t have the time for extended classes, a one to one training session can be the best solution.

Whether you want to learn something from scratch, or take your skill to the next level, I will work with you to develop the interests that you specifically want. I will give you the benefit of my years of experience, and can help you advance in the direction that you wish to go in.

Whether you are the family photographer, a hobbyist, semi-professional or a pro, I can help you learn what you need to regarding digital imaging and photography, and I work with a lot of my clients remotely, so don’t let geography stop you from calling.

Peter is kind, professional, very easy to work with and has a wealth of knowledge to share about photography. He helped me navigate Lightroom with patience and sensitivity to time restraints. I can’t recommend working with Peter enough. I learned so much and feel so grateful to have found him.
— Meri C, Woodland Hills

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is in my opinion, the best image-cataloging program available. Adobe has made it a great and inexpensive option to organize and maintain your visual library, and Lightroom’s powerful editing tools can take your photos to the next level.

Peter helped diagnosis the problem with my current workflow and developed and short term and longer term solution in advance of a trip. His approach was simple and his style of teaching very understated and helpful.
— Maureen F, Los Angeles

I cannot only teach you about the basic and intermediate working skills with Lightroom, but my experience as a professional photo organizer and workflow export can help you set up your photo library right from the start. Or, if you are having issues with a library you already set up, I can help you untangle it and get it working for you, not against you.

With the right settings, Lightroom works seamlessly with its powerful and more robust sister product, Photoshop. I can show you when to use LR and when Photoshop might be the best option. Learn more here.

Apple Photos

Apple Photos is a great answer for smaller image libraries and family photo collections and its iCloud syncing abilities make this a great choice for a maintenance free photo collection.

However if it’s not set up correctly many issues can occur, and unfortunately Apple does not do a very good job of explaining its settings or how to use the app effectively. I can walk you through these settings; explain what they do and how they affect the way you will be working with and interacting your photo collection.

I have a special offer for you - a 90-minute session for $99, to help you get started. And we can do it in person or remotely. Learn more here.

Adobe Lightroom (since version 1.0)
Adobe Photoshop (since version 2.0)
Apple Photos (since 2015)
Professional photo organizer since 2014 (member of APPO - Association of Professional Photo Organizers).
Peter was great to work with. He is experienced, knowledgeable, patient, very clear in his explanations. He solved my problem. Without him, I would have been lost. I recommend him without hesitation.
— Irving G, Los Angeles


I can tutor you in all levels of photography as well as any specific areas you want to learn about and can help take the mystery out of your digital camera.

I ‘ve been teaching basic and advanced photography classes as well as night shooting and travel workshops at the renowned Los Angeles Center of Photography (formally the Julia Dean Photo Workshops) for over 10 years.

I help my students with solutions, whether it is learning about their digital camera’s features and settings, or understanding basic or advanced photo techniques and principles. I work patiently with my students, making sure I listen and understand their specific needs and then setting up a class or session that will best communicate and demonstrate the answers to those questions.

Over my 25 year plus career my work has been published in Time magazine, New York Times, Frommer’s Guides, National Geographic Traveler, Sports Illustrated, Los Angeles Times, Scholastic, Los Angeles Magazine, Natural History Magazine, Sierra Magazine, California Agricultural Journal, Fortune Magazine as well as many other books and publications. You can see more of my work here.

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As a fairly accomplished street photographer I have struggled with organizing thousands of photos I have accumulated over the years. In two sessions, Peter has helped me solve the mystery of Lightroom. I recommend Peter to anyone who struggles with photo organization.
— Don D, Dana Point