I am developing some training programs to help everyone learn how to organize, edit and protect their photos.

Please take a few minutes to answer the few questions below, your answers will be valuable in helping me develop a program best suited for your needs.

I will keep you posted with info about new trainings, products and resources, make sure you enter your email address when you finish.

I really appreciate you for taking the time to answer these few questions, thank you, Peter.

How many photos do you take a month (approximately)?
It is very important to me to have my photo collection organized (check one)
What do you like about, if anything (choose all that apply)?
What do you NOT like about it, if anything (choose all that apply)?
What would you like to know more about (choose all that apply)?
My biggest headaches are (choose all that apply):
What kind of training would you prefer? (choose all that apply)?