What do you want to learn?

Are you the family historian or simply trying to get help organizing your photo collection?

Maybe you are the family photographer, a hobbyist, a semi-professional or a pro, I can help you learn what you need to learn regarding photography and digital imaging.

I help people with solutions, whether it is learning how to use a digital camera or teaching people how to organize and manage a collection of several thousand images. I work patiently with my students and classes, making sure I listen and understand their specific needs and then setting up a class or session that will best communicate and demonstrate the answers to those needs.

Peter was great to work with. He is experienced, knowledgeable, patient, very clear in his explanations. He solved my problem. Without him, I would have been lost. I recommend him without hesitation.
— Irving G, Los Angeles


Want to organize your own photo collection? Let me know what your goals are and I will help get you started. I can even help you migrate your current photo collection from one program to another.

I am an expert in Apple Photos and Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and can teach you how to use them effectively for your photo organizing needs. I'll help take the confusion out of these valuable and popular imaging programs.

Apple Photos: A good answer for smaller image libraries and family photo collections. Once set up, its syncing abilities make this a great choice for a maintenance free photo solution.
Adobe Lightroom: The best image cataloging program available. Adobe has made it a great and inexpensive option to organize and maintain your visual library.
Adobe Photoshop: Imaging software for image production, color correcting, retouching, photo restoration and image manipulation.


I can tutor you in all levels of photography as well as any specific areas you want to learn about and can help take the mystery out of your digital camera.

I teach basic and advanced photography classes at the renowned Los Angeles Center of Photography (formally the Julia Dean Photo Workshops) for over 8 years, my class schedule is available in the right sidebar, or contact me directly for private tutoring and lessons.

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Photography Today

We are living in a visual explosion. Like it or not, the way we use and interact with our photos, images and the devices that capture them is changing. It is estimated that we take over a trillion photos each year and that number is growing. But more doesn’t mean better, it just means more. And more doesn’t mean we are enjoying them more, it seems to me we are enjoying them less as we get more overwhelmed buy the sheer volume of images we capture and have to deal with.

I teach people how to once again enjoy photography, and to have the satisfaction of visually experiencing their lives and the lives of their family and friends. I don’t want to show you how to manage your photos, that’s boring, I hope to show you how to take the tools available today and make them work for you.

Photography tells our stories, let me help you get back to telling yours.

Credentials: Adobe Photoshop (since version 2.0); Adobe Lightroom (since version 1.0); Commercial photographer since 1988. Founded and ran photo agency Ambient Images, Inc. from 1998-2014; Basic and intermediate photography instructor since 2009; Professional photo organizer since 2014 (member of APPO - the Association of Personal Photo Organizers).

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