Picjoy – mini review

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Picjoy – mini review

I get notices about all sorts of products and photo organizing apps, in the last week alone I received articles about apps and products called Everalbum, 61N and Picjoy. They all pretty much work only on smartphones and/or utilize cloud storage, which is fine, but there are already so many of these, what makes one different form the next. Well Picjoy caught my eye because it mentioned story-telling, and that IS something I am interested in.

I gave it a shot and downloaded the app for my iPhone (currently it is not available for Android) and set it up pretty quickly, always a plus in my book. It accessed my photo library and according to the article, will utilize my iCloud library as well, but I haven’t figured out how that works yet ( I hope there are no surprises).

The first thing it asked of me, even before the photos all loaded, was if I wanted to create a story. Sure, let’s get for it. It was a pretty easy process of choosing some photos of my son’s 4th grade mission project and then writing short captions to go along with each picture. When finished it asked me where I wanted to share it, because sharing is what we do I guess, so I picked Facebook and let it rip.

The story showed up on FB and provided a link to the three photo story and I have to say I was pretty tickled about the result. Here it is

I would use it again but would want to play with it a bit more to see what it can do. The app claims to use “complex algorithms to auto-tag your photos — by subject, location, and even season; essentially creating a search engine within your albums,” but a few searches I did turned up nothing. It appears the app simply uses the geo-tagging info embedded by the camera which limits the geographical location to one or two words, and if you don’t know those words, then no luck.

But it is fun to use and it’s free. Curious to see what future versions will add!

Download here