Save your Photos month is coming

Here are some tips from the Save Your Photos Month website to help you get started

  • Create an album (or digital folder) for each of your children
  • Make discs/ jump drives of favorite photos to share with family
  • Find five photos to frame and display for you to see every day
  • Scan/ have scanned photos and slides for digital preservation
  • Call a family member for the history behind an unknown photo
  • Create a reminder in your phone to monthly back-up new photos
  • Get your photos in the cloud!
  • Sort through one folder and organize the chaos
  • Set a goal and write it down. For example, I want to give each of my
    adult children their childhood photos as a gift.
  • Sit with an older family member and ask them to tell you about their
  • Each week delete the unwanted photos from your mobile phone
    Locate your home movies and have them digitized.

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